Short-term group trips

Groups from Seventh-day Adventist church and educational institutions who are planning a short-term trip (60 days or less, including travel) are asked to register with NAD Office of Volunteer Ministries (OVM) before their trip. 

For questions, contact Pearly David, Short-Term Volunteer Coordinator.

  • group online application form

    Since this online form cannot be saved before submitting, it's best to have the following information ready before you complete it:

    • Name of organization, contact person, and trip leader
    • Number of participants - lay people and denominational employees
    • Insurance policy number and coverage dates (ARM Short-Term Travel)
    • Contact person and info at destination
    • Organizations, cities, countries, divisions to be visited
    • Purpose of trip
    • Date by which supporting documentation will be sent to Pearly David
    • Approval dates for governing board and conference or union
  • background checks

    Background checks are required for all adult participants (over 18). Adventist Child Protection screening through Verified Volunteers is preferred.

  • insurance

    Each participant in your group should be covered with Short-Term Travel (Plan A) from Adventist Risk Management. Other insurance providers/plans may be considered if it's clear that the coverage is equivalent, but please check with Pearly David.

    Purchase Short-Term Travel Insurance

  • supporting documentATION

    The following supporting documentation should be emailed to Pearly David before we can vote your trip:

    • Travel itinerary, which includes all Adventist churches/institutions to be visited.
    • Screenshot of first page of the State Department Travel Alerts and Warnings for each country your group is visiting. (It is also recommended to enroll in STEP).
    • Acknowledgement statement that all participants have received required immunizations.
    • Copies of signed parental consent forms for participants under 18.
  • approval process

    After your group's application has been processed and voted by OVM Appointees Committee, then the following entities will be notified:

    • Your group contact person
    • GC Mission Personnel Processing Committee (MPPC) and NAD Office of Education (if applicable)
    • The divisions you will be visiting so they are aware of your visit to their territory