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(443) 391 7118 tel

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Office of Volunteer Ministries

North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists

9705 Patuxent Woods Drive

Columbia, MD 21046

  • Benjamin speegle

    Long-Term Volunteer Processing Assistant

    (443) 391 7118

    Ben works with new volunteer applicants until final screening. He also works with volunteer service requests for NAD organizations.

  • andrea keele

    Long-Term Volunteer Processing Assistant

    (443) 391 7115

    Andrea works with volunteers from final screening through their return from service. She also manages the website and social media.

  • ernest hernandez

    Long-Term Volunteer Processing and Communications Coordinator

    (443) 391 7116

    Ernest oversees the long-term volunteer process and facilitates communication when issues arise in the field.

  • pearly david

    Short-Term Volunteer Coordinator

    (443) 391 7114

    Pearly processes short-term volunteers and group trips.